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The Scriptures and Prayer
by Arthur W. Pink

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"A prayerless Christian is a contradiction in terms. Just as a still-born child is a dead one, so a professing believer who prays not is devoid of spiritual life. Prayer is the breath of the new nature in the saint, as the Word of God is its food." The Word of God guides the Christian in prayer. Pink brings out the need for the Spirit's help in prayer and pleading God's promises. "We are profited from the Scriptures when prayer becomes a real and deep joy. Merely to 'say' our prayers each morning and evening is an irksome task…But to come into the conscious presence of God, to behold the glorious light of His countenance, to commune with Him at the mercy seat, is a foretaste of the eternal bliss awaiting us in heaven."

The Scriptures and Prayer Arthur W. Pink
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    Scriptural prayer does not follow a "one-size-fits-all" model 171bf2437f

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